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Cstan98 Black & White Business Running

  1. Branches.

    In Singapore, some business can only survive with one big branch, as the sales are not big enough, having more branches cannibalize sales. However, in Singapore, some business profit with each additional branch as the sales potential is large. Know your sales forecast.

  2. Clarity & Compassion.

    From a Study of Good Managers Practices. People find Their Best Managers to have Clarity (know what to expect in doing their jobs) & Compassion (take care of Them).

  3. Control - Financial.

    Cash flows are strong. Plus cash amount is greater than minus cash amount.

  4. Control - Operations.

    Simplify Operations for easy management.

  5. Daily To-Do Lists.

    Coach all Your People to have a Daily To-Do List.

  6. Feedback Loop.

    Feedbacks from past actions so as to know the effectiveness of past actions. Then make decision to stay the same path or change actions path.

  7. Goals Setting.

    Long Term Vision & Monthly Objectives.

  8. Good Core Values.

    The Foundations of Person & Corporation.

  9. Good Officers.

    Good People = Good Corporation.

  10. In Search of Excellence.

    (01) Autonomy & Entrepreneurship.

    (02) Bias For Actions.

    (03) Close To Customers.

    (04) Close To Knitting.

    (05) Hands-on, Values-driven.

    (06) Lose-Tight Properties.

    (07) Productivity Through People.

    (08) Simple Form, Lean Staff.

  11. Monopoly Business Model.

    Once you are a absolute monopoly, you have reached solid Product Differentiation. To increase profit, do not increase price, but decrease price, to reach solid Cost Leadership also. A solid Product Differentiation & solid Cost Leadership Monopoly have superb sales & profit. Because lower price, you have more inventory cycle per staff, more inventory cycle per location rental, ... You have lesser idle variable & fixed assets. Also. If you lower prices. Fewer greedy competitors enter your markets to compete with you.

  12. No Location Asset Depreciation Expenses.

    If you buy the office or shop unit assets, you should not expense the office or shop unit depreciation expense. This makes your business more profitable wrongly on accounting. Moreover, because later when you sell the office or shop unit assets, you get the investment money back. It is actually not an expense, but an investment.

  13. Objectives. Measures. Rewards.

    From a Study of Good Company Practices. Good Companies have Clear Objectives to everyone. Data Collecting Measures to measure how much the Objectives are done. Then, rewards accordingly.

  14. Profit = (Sales - Cost).

    To profit, you need to increase sales & reduce costs at the same time.

  15. Marketing. Branding.

    Create a Good Brand. Fight aggressively to protect the Brand Integrity.

  16. Niches.

    Build strong entrenched unique market niches for all your products. If you cannot do better than an existing competitor, do not enter the market. Search for new niche markets. Be the first to enter the markets.

  17. Report Intelligences.

    Many Key Officers to write monthly accurate & detailed Reports to help the CEO make decisions.

  18. Sun Zi Strategy.

    (01) Everything can be calculated. Your move then happens what. Your enemy move then you what happen.

    (02) Training. Train your people to be a stronger fighting force.

    (03) Understand terrains. Know the products markets terrains before going into them.

  19. Systematic.

    Have a system that is no false stroke, no waste movements. Everything is perfect and forever improving.

  20. Turn Individual Skills Into Corporation Skills.

    Leadership Skills. Management Skills. Productivity Skills. Strategy Cultivation.

  21. Winning Products.

    R&D (Research & Development) big steps ahead with new innovative products.

  22. Winning Strategies.

    Depend on CEO.

  23. *Best Practice Branding - CSTAN98.

    Branding is everythings.

    (**) Cstan98 Style. Protect Your Company Branding with your lives.

    (**) Cstan98 2.0 Style. Keep pushing your Company Branding higher & higher.

  24. *Best Practice CEO - Shell.

    The Heart Of A Corporation.

    (**) Shell Corporation Style. 'Helicopter View'. See a mid overview of the business units.

    (**) Cstan98 Style. Latest Satellite View. Can see-small-all view. Can see-big-details view. Can see oil under soil. Can see infra red. Can see country missiles threats. Can transmit communications signals. Can attack anti-satellite missiles.

  25. *Best Practice Cost-Cutting - Wal-Mart.

    Every Individuals cost-cuttings.

    (**) Wal-Mart Style. Help every suppliers to cut cost to help parent corporation.

    (**) Cstan98 Style. Help every employees & customers to cut cost to help parent corporation.

  26. *Best Practice Finance - Apple.

    Build up emergency funds reserve for rainy days.

    (**) Apple Style. Keep huge corporate cash reserves.

    (**) Cstan98 Style. Many successful products to have huge cash reserves.

  27. *Best Practice Human Resource - 7-11.

    Promote Good Officers With Pay Same.

    (**) 7-11 Style. Do not increase salary. Increase more low-salary staffs to lessen work loads.

    (**) Cstan98 Style. Promote Good Officers. But pay remain the same. When company cannot afford increase salary.

  28. *Best Practice IT (Information Technology) - IBM.

    Invest in cost-effective IT products to cut costs & to simplify the operations.

    (**) IBM Style. Adopt the latest technology into Company.

    (**) Cstan98 Style. Step by step adopt new IT (Informantion Technology) into Company to increase productivity.

  29. *Best Practice Operations - MacDonald.

    Streamline Operations to cut costs & wastes.

    (**) MacDonald Style. Mass produce the products with job stations, simple jobs designs & descriptions, work flows, ...

    (**) Cstan98 Style. Turn every production & service factory into a McDonald Restaurant.

  30. *Best Practice Soul - Uniqlo.

    Charcters & Virtues same concepts for both Company & Person.

    (**) Uniqlo Style. A Company needs a Soul.

    (**) Cstan98 Style. A Company needs Characters & Virtures.

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