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Cstan98 Black & White Business Ideas

(01) If you are poor & have free time, you can setup some below business ideas.

(02) There are no patents for the below business ideas. You just need to pay according to this Cstan98 Website Term Of Service.

  1. Arcade Certification Machines.

    (01) 3D Arcade Machine For Teaching & Grading Certification.

    (02) Dancing.

    (03) Harrier Fighter Plane.

    (04) Los Angles Class Attack Submarine.

    (05) M9 Pistol.

    (06) M16 Rifle.

    (07) Martial Arts.

    (08) Samurai Sword.

    (09) Sniper.

    (10) Sports like basket ball, tennis, golf, ...

    (11) Star Wars Light Saber.

    (12) Star Wars X-Wing.

    (13) United States Aircraft Battle Group - Command & Control.

    (*) Can printout all exam results & gradings in a data card.

  2. (*) Give score by sensing all 3D movements & decisions.

    (*) Teach new tactics to pass new grading certification.

  3. Cstan98 Develop Ideas Further Stroke.

    Just use present business ideas into new products class. For example, gold bars vending machines. Copycat into diamonds. Why not diamonds vending machines? iPhone vending machines?

  4. Cstan98 Do It Better Stroke.

    Do a product or service better than everyone else. Market it cheaply like using internet.

  5. Cstan98 Expand Family Business Stroke.

    If you inherit a family business, & believe in its Missions & Visions. Why not expand it into a Empire?

  6. Cstan98 Meet Needs Stroke.

    Create new products & services that meet urgent needs. Ensure that there is a market. Design, produce & sell them.

  7. Cstan98 Solve Problems Stroke.

    Create new products & services that solve problems. Ensure that there is a market. Design, produce & sell them.

  8. EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) Resistance.

    Manufacture EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) resistant electronic products like laptop, torch light, to pass through 2012 Solar Flare EMP storms & 2017 Nuclear Warfares.

  9. Email Business/Life/Love/Strategy/Success/Tuition/Weight Loss/Zen Consultancy.

    High Value Emails Correspondences Consultancy.

  10. Fast Food Tuition Centre.

    Kumo (A Tuition Centre) Style Adult Course For Chinese, English, Japanese, ... = that has worksheets for each module. Any Subjects like Cooking/Dancing/Languages/Martial Arts/Sports/.... Different teachers stations. Work flow. It is a tuition fastfood restaurant.

  11. Fruits - Clothings.

    White Period Buddha Scripture. A Plant to give Fruits with clothings for People to wear.

  12. Fruits - Eggs.

    White Period Buddha Scripture. A Plant to give Fruits with nutritions of a Chicken Egg.

  13. Gamers Economy.

    An Internet Website Market that all gamers can buy & sell gems stones, spells potions, treasures, weapons, ... Or be hired as Games Mercenaries for coachings, escorts, killing big bullies, protections, ... This gives computer gamers some sort of sideline income.

  14. Ice Water Facial.

    Ice Water works wonders for my Cstan98 Brain. So why not Ice Water Facial for Faces in Beauty Salons. In theory, the purer the water molecules the better. Ice cold temperature tighten face pores.

  15. Import & Export Franchises/Products.

    When you like an overseas Franchises/Products. Google Search the Supplier. You can import Products = get a licence to import the Franchises/Products into your country. You can export Products = be the first person to export the Franchises/Products to countries where not exported yet.

  16. Japan Anti Kidnap Rape Guards.

    In Japan, Females are easily kidnap & rape in vans as they walk along the streets. After kidnapping, the kidnappers may prison them to become sex slaves or sell them aboard as prostitutes. There are needs to create Japan Anti Kidnap Rape Guards. A belt/watch button (or anything that can be worn) with a panic button. Once the panic button is pressed, a manned Command Centre uses GPS satellite locator to locate that Female. The police/security task team is dispatched to rescue that Female so long that She wears that guard device.

  17. Large Ice Water.

    Sell Large Ice Water in Fastfoods Resturants like Burger King, KFC, MacDonald, ... To lower costs of living. Also for Health Conscious People.

  18. Lose Weight Soft Drink

    Develop A Weight Losing Can Of Soft Drink. Normal Diet Soft Drinks do not lose weight, they only do not gain weight.

  19. Measure Blood Sugar Without Pricking.

    An Equipment that can measure blood sugars levels without pricking of finger.

  20. Mechanical Bees.

    Produce small mechanical bees to pollinate your harvest plants. This is because the bees are dying & cause crops productions to dwindle. There is a need for small mechanical bees robots.

  21. New Business Idea.

    Come up with a totally New Business Idea. New Products & Services in New Markets. For example. gold bars vending machines. Who would have thought of that?

  22. New Franchise System.

    Turn Your Business Model into a Franchise System & start giving Franchise Licenses out. You earn passive incomes.

  23. Old Classic Computer Games.

    Why Koei does not re-sell its computer games like Bandit Kings, Romance Of 3 Kingdoms, ... for Mac OS. Confirmed sell like hotcakes. And also Master Of Orion2 & Jagged Alliance 1.

  24. One Laundry Washing.

    One Detergent or/& One Washing Machine that wash, softener, dry, iron, fold, ... all dirty laundries.

  25. Online Black & White Businesses Directory.

    A Website that list all Black & White Businesses in Singapore for example telling what they sell.

  26. Online Essential Textbooks Selling Portal.

    List out all Universities Professors Textbooks to sell.

  27. Online Freelance Tutors Internet Portal.

    (01) Arts Tutors - Abstract, Modern, Scenery, ...

    (02) Dancing Tutors - Ballet, Modern, ...

    (03) DIY Tutors - Carpenter, Electrical, Plumbing, ...

    (04) Driving Tutors - Container, Lorry, Plane, Ship, ...

    (05) Games Tutors - Cluedo, Monopoly, Risk, ...

    (06) Gardening Tutors - Farming, Flowers, Tea, ...

    (07) Languages Tutors - Chinese, English, Japanese, ...

    (08) Martial Arts Tutors - Judo, Kick Boxing, Mixed, Muay Thai, ...

    (09) Military Tutors - Explosives, Intelligence, Police, Sniper , ...

    (10) Music Tutors - Guitar, Piano, Violin, ...

    (11) Photography Tutors - Camera, Movie, Video, ...

    (12) Sports Tutors - Badminton, Soccer, Tennis, ...

    (13) Softwares Tutors - AutoCad, Keynote, Numbers, Pages,, ...

    (14) Tuition Tutors - GCE O, GCE A, BBA, MBA, PhD, ...

  28. Online Subjects Examination Certification.

    For Certificate/Diploma/Degree/Master/PhD Levels.

  29. Part Time - CEO Adviser/Financial Adviser/Training Presentation.

    Work Part Time Freelance.

  30. R&D (Research & Development).

    R&D (Research & Development) on all interesting special cases. To develop patented medicines & treatments. Like Japanese Idol Fuko P-cup breasts.

  31. Recycling - Souls.

    Reformed Centres that recycle souls of addicts like alcohols, child pornography, drugs, killing, rape, sex, wife abuse, ... This cut down Healing Hell Rehabilitation overloads. Solving problems at their sources.

  32. Recycling - Wastes.

    'Master Of Orion 2, Computer Game'. Recycling Factories that recycle 100% of all planet earth wastes like plastic coffee cups (solids), sewerage waters (liquids), carbon dixoides (gases), ... This cut down Planet Earth Healing Ecosystem overloads. Solving problems at their sources.

  33. Samurai Pistol Belt

    (01) Manufacture Samurai Colt M9 Pistol Bulletproof Casing Samurai Belt:

    (02) Back = to hold a Colt M9 Automatic Pistol.

    (03) Front = to hold 10 bullets magazines of 8 bullets each.

    (04) Bulletproof Casing Belt Protecting The Chest & Back.

    (05) Even body weight lying on 10 bullets magazines or M9 Pistol, not damage.

    (06) Lightweight enough to fight fast.

  34. Seaweed Biofuel.

    Israeli Discovery. Israeli Scientists discover that seaweed can be turned into biofuel. This satanic planet earth need not fight over fossil fuels oil. You can farm your own seaweed biofuel.

  35. Small Farmlands Plot Rental.

    For wartime food purposes. Legal Rights. Practice during peace.

  36. Sunset Photo.

    A photo software feature that turn ordinary photos to rainbow/sunrise/sunset photos (just AI artificial intelligence algorithm). Able to add birds, trees, ...

  37. Time Freeze Video Recorder.

    A Video Recorder which records super fast x-men thief stealing money during freeze time spells. This prevents loss of cash.

  38. Toner Less Laser Printer.

    Manufacture a laser printer which does not use toner. Just burn paper with black texts.

  39. Virtual Softtoys.

    Create an iPhone App that let designers design & create their own softtoys for sell in the market place. Softtoys are like App which can be designed & sold. The designers can limit the quantities of their softtoys to push up demand & supply. The App let the owners see 360 degree rotation view of their prize softtoys.

  40. Your Own Business Market.

    If you want to start a small business like a small blog shop/hawker stall/shop. But is scared of business failures. A good advice from my dead Singapore businessman father: "you need not scare of other competitors, you have your own small local customers (if you do the business right & hardworkingly)."

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