Cstan98 BBA IT - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Version3 2020.11.17

*SEO = Search Engine Optimization. This Webpage Knowledge put your website in the first 100 site listings of Google Search Engine.

  1. 3-10 Days Google Ranking Delay.

    It takes 3-10 days for Google Rankings to see full effects of your those HTML SEO Efforts (Contents/HTML/URL). Because there are billions of Websites to rank.

  2. Add Combine Divide Redo.

  3. Authority + Optimization.

  4. Check Broken Links.

    (00) The me Cstan98 uses MacOS App Screaming Frog.

    (01) Response Codes. No 300s/400s/500s errors.

    (02) Hreflang - No Missing Self-Reference. That means that page self links are wrong. Know what is Hreflang.

    (03) Hreflang - No Missing X-Default. Know what is X-Default.

  5. Concentrate Firepowers.

  6. Courses - Google Ads Academy.

  7. Courses - Google Analytics Academy.

  8. Courses - SEMRush Academy.

  9. Daily Website Changes.

    You need to make daily changes to Your Website to have high ranking inside Google Search Engine. It is called freshness in Google Ranking Factors.

  10. Do Not Delete/Rename Your Webpage Unnecessary.

    This is because one of the ranking factors for Google Search Engine is age time. If you delete/rename Your webpages. Then they start from scratch. Therefore. Think very carefully of the webpages filenames when you create them. Moreover. When whole internet links to your old pages. It is total nightmare.

  11. Do Not Self Click Google Search Engine.

    If you self click your own Google Search Engine results. You are penalized with lower ranking inside Google Search Engine. Be very careful of using apps/softwares to check your Google Rankings. Try to check as few times as possible.

  12. Fast Hosting Support.

    (01) For efficient fast support from Your Hosting Company (mine is Singapore - VODIEN).

    (02) Always one department at a time don't cc (let their sales tells their billing to tell their support).

    (03) Always one open support ticket (merge to close. Or close before a new one.)

    (04) Always reply quote that ticket number (or else you are reopening many new cases).

  13. Going Viral.

    (00) The me Cstan98 defines going viral for Website. After reaching critical mass point. Become too famous popular.

    (01) Addictions Hooks.

    (02) Get Effects You Want.

    (03) Give What Google/Users Want.

    (04) Make Google/Users Keep Coming Back.

    (05) Natural ZPT50 Wisdom High.

    (06) Necessary As Air/Daily Foods/Living Water.

    (07) Words Of Mouth.

  14. Google 8 Years Old.

    Write simple. You are writing to a 5 Years Old Google AI (Artifical Intelligence). 2017. It is 8 Years Old.

  15. Google Business Model.

    Google Business Model is to be best world search engine. If Your Website gives what end users want. Google ranks them high. Just that simple.

  16. Google Resources.

    (01) Google Mobile Test. This recommends many things for your Webpage to be Google mobile search ready.

    (02) Google Page Insights. This recommends many things to improve your Webpage download speed.

    (03) Google Search: links:yoursite.com .

    (04) Google Search: site:yoursite.com .

    (05) Google Update - Hummingbird. Fast & precise search engine meanings of search phrases. That means your Webpage contents meanings must match the new meanings definitions.

    (06) Google Update - Mobile Friendly. More mobile users are using Google Search Engine. Therefore. Websites need to be mobile friendly.

    (07) Google Update - Panda. Cannot be contents farms. Cannot copy paste other people materials. Cannot have pirated stolen materials. Unique/useful Materials only.

    (08) Google Update - Penguin. No bad links. No buying of links.

    (09) Google Webmaster Tools - Fix All Crawling Errors/Crawl Index/Daily Sitemap Resubmit If Daily Change/ Search Analytics/Hreflang.

  17. Help.

    Use your app help feature to build your Website. To find syntax of html/changing styles format/linking external CSS styles file/... Other help features include forum websites/google search/reference books/seo websites/ udemy video courses/YouTube video/...

  18. How To Approve Adsense.

    (01) Alexa Analytics. Go for at least basic plan. A rank means Website more credible. It is reported they sue you for uncancelled on-going subscription payments. But Alexa ranking is essential.

    (02) Every Page. Not just Homepage. Copying & pasting Google Adsense Codes.

    (03) Google Analytics. Every Page. Also copying & pasting Google Analytics Codes.

    (04) Privacy Policy. Copy/rewrite Google terms & conditions.

    (05) Tag Language. The '<html lang="en">' is very important.

  19. HTML Editor.

    Last time me Cstan98 uses Dreamweaver CC to write this Website. Because it supports HTML5. It is monthly subscription. Now me uses TextWrangler from App Store. It is one time small fee.

  20. HTML5.

    (01) De-cluster your HTML codings of webpages. Remove errors/rubbish so that Google crawlers can crawl faster & more efficient. Giving you higher Google ratings. Also when People surf your website. There are lesser errors. Mean higher repeat traffic for you.

    (02) Problem Solving.

    (03) Simple.

    (04) Standardize.

  21. HTML5 Tag1 - Head. (Know what are these.)


    <meta charset="UTF-8">

    <link rel="alternate" href="/cstan98-bba-it-seo.html" hreflang="en">

    <link rel="alternate" href="/cstan98-bba-it-seo.html" hreflang="x-default">

    <title>Cstan98 BBA IT - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)</title>

    <meta name="description" content="Cstan98 BBA IT - SEO (Search Engine Optimization).">

    <meta name="keywords" content="Cstan98, Knowledge Website, BBA IT, SEO, Search Engine Optimization">

    <meta name="author" content="Rick Tan Chun Siong">

    <meta name="robots" content="index, follow">

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

    <link href="/website-master-style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


  22. HTML5 Tag2 - Body/Headings/Paragraphs1. (Know what are these.)


    <h2><span class="style7">Version 2017.11.09</span></h2>


    <li><h2>*SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

    This Webpage Knowledge put your website in the first 100 site listings of Google Search Engine.</h2></li>

    <li><h2>Add Combine Divide Redo.</h2></li>

    <li><h2>Authority + Optimization.</h2></li>



  23. Check Broken Links.

  24. HTML5 Tag2 - Body/Headings/Paragraphs2. (Know what are these.)

    <li><h3>Check Broken Links.</h3>

    <p>(00) The me Cstan98 uses MacOS App Screaming Frog.</p>

    <p>(01) Response Codes. No 300s/400s/500s errors.</p>

    <p>(02) Hreflang - No Missing Self-Reference. That means that page self links are wrong. Know what is Hreflang.</p>

    <p>(03) Hreflang - No Missing X-Default. Know what is X-Default.</p></li>

  25. HTML5 Tag3 - Hyperlinks. (Know what are these.)

    <h2>Go To <a href="/cstan98-education-mini-certification-section.htm">

    Cstan98 Education Mini-Certification Section</a></h2>

    <h2>Go To <a href="/index.html">

    https://www.cstan98.com</a> Homepage</h2>

  26. HTML5 Tag4 - Span. (Know what are these.)

    <p class="style5">Test1.</p>

    <p class="style7">Test2.</p>

    <h3><span lang="zh-cn">三十六计</span></h3>

    <h3><span lang="zh-tw">陳俊雄招</span></h3>

  27. HTML5 Tag5 - Special Characters. (Know what are these.)


    &lt; &gt;



  28. Latest Codes - CSS3/HTML5.

    Always use latest CSS/HTML5 codes for your CSS/webpage codings. Now is CSS3/HTML5.

  29. Links Building.

    (00) The me Cstan98 define links building as other Websites linking to You naturally without requesting them.

    (01) Build Up Website Strategically.

    (02) Give What People Need.

    (03) Natural Day By Day.

    (04) Solve People Problems.

    (05) Unique Contents.

    (06) Users Experience.

  30. Links.

    (01) External CSS Styles File. Use It for Your Headings/Paragraph/Hyperlinks/... formats. So that there is less clutter & inconsistency noises in the Website Texts Formatting.

    (02) Internal Looped. When you create your Website Sections/Individuals Webpages. Make Webpage A links to Webpage B. Then make Webpage B to links to Webpage A. Make Webpage A & Webpage B links to Your Homepage. This makes Google Crawlers thinking that Your Website is heavily linked when Google Crawlers go many loops in Your links. Giving you top search engine rankings.

    (03) No Broken. Ensure there is no broken links in your Website. To give a good customer surfing experience. And also for Google to crawl effectively/properly.

    (04) Google Site Verification File. Use External to declutter your HTML.

  31. No Duplicate Keyword.

  32. Off-Pages Optimization.

  33. On-Pages Optimization.

  34. Rank.

    (01) Alexa. Increase seems to mean higher rankings in Google Search.

    (02) Google Page Authority. Need to increase.

    (03) Google Pagerank. Need to increase.

    (04) MOZ Domain Authority. Need to increase.

  35. Ranking Insights.

    (01) Contents Is King. Simple as that.

    (02) Group Effects. Individual Webpages influences Homepage/Sections rankings.

    (03) H1-H2. Existence/nearness mean a lots.

    (04) URL. Keywords inside mean a lots.

  36. Resource: SEO Google Starter Guide.

    Google search: 'google seo guide'. Google guide how to rank high in Google search engine. *Please note: do not save this PDF Ebook to harddisk. Just read it in the internet. As it is a blue ebook draining energies.

  37. Resource: SEO Success Factors.

    Google Search: 'seo success factors'. Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors. The Table gives you breakdown of SEO Success Factors to be successful in SEO Rankings.

  38. SEO - Images.

    You need to put 'alt="remarks texts here"' inside <img> tags. The alt remarks texts are to tell the Google Crawlers what are images about. As Google Crawlers are unable to read understand images.

  39. SEO Journal Plan.

    You need to keep SEO Journal to keep track of Your Efforts/Goals. Or else You are going around in circles. Or don't know what to do next.

  40. SEO - Tables Frames.

    Try not to have table frame inside your webpages. As Google Crawlers have difficulties crawling understanding them.

  41. Site - Favicon.

    Favicon = small picture in internet history whenever someone surf your website. Google Search: 'favicon png size'/'favicon html'/... You need original jpg picture. Use Apple Photos in MacOS to save into png file. Studies show best Company Logo is personal picture of yourself.

  42. Site - Images-Sitemap.XML.

    Add Images-Sitemap XML to Your Website for Google Search Engine to index photos. Whenever you edit upload your Website for day with new pictures files. You need to upload the latest Version. This Cstan98 Website uses Screaming Frog SEO Spider App to create it.

  43. Site - Privacy Policy.

    (01) Try Privacy Policy Generator. After getting hang of it. Rewrite Your own in simple english. You need to fix its HTML Codes for Website Consistency.

    (02) See this Website sample Privacy Policy .

  44. Site - Robots.TXT.

    (00) You need robots.txt that contain:

    'Sitemap: yoursite.com/sitemap.xml Sitemap: yoursite.com/images-sitemap.xml User-agent: * Allow: /' For all search engines crawlers to crawl your website properly.

  45. Site - Sitemap.XML.

    (01) Add Sitemap XML to Your Website for Google Webmasters to index. For Google to crawl your Website more often. Whenever you edit/upload your Website for the Day. You need to upload the latest Version. This Cstan98 Website uses Screaming Frog SEO Spider App to create it.

    (02) Google Webmasters seem to prefer maximum 1 time daily re-submit. Too many times. They ignore crawling.

  46. Site - Terms Of Service.

    (01) Find Terms Of Service Generator. After hanging of it. Rewrite Your own in simple english. You need to fix its HTML Codes for Website Consistency.

    (02) See this Website sample Terms Of Service .

  47. Solve All Problems.

    (01) Google Ranks - Low. Research why some high/low.

    (02) Google Ranks - Not Appear. Research why don't exist.

    (03) Google Webmasters Tools. Resolve all issues.

    (04) Hacked. Like invisible java scripts.

    (05) Unknown Disturbances. Research all weird occurrences.

  48. Texts - As Many As Possible.

    Type in as many different texts materials inside Your website. So that when people search the internet. They discover Keywords inside Your contents.

  49. Texts - Bold/Italic.

    Use bold/italic/underline to highlight texts using font format. The Google Search Engine knows them.

  50. Texts - Keywords.

    You must target your keywords which you want to rank high in Google organic search. Put the keywords once in your description meta/h1/h2/keywords meta/title/url/... paragraph texts. Careful not too much keywords over-stuffing in one webpage. Or else Google penalizes.

  51. Texts - Spell Check.

    Always spell check all your webpages. So that you have correct spelling. Then People/Google Crawlers surfing the website understand Website better. And keep coming back. Increasing Traffic. The me Cstan98 uses Apple Mac Laptop Dictionary App to manual check/type.

  52. Tools:

    (00) Be very well versed. Do Daily.

    (01) iPhone App Google Gmail.

    (02) iPhone App Google Analytics.

    (03) iPhone App Google Adsense.

    (04) Alexa (Analytics).

    (05) Screaming Frog.

    (06) Google Webmasters.

    (07) Hosting Control Panel.

    (08) Semrush.

    (09) SEO Powersuite.

    (10) Seoptimer.

    (11) Sitechecker.Pro .

    (12) Smiliarweb.

    (13) Woorank.

  53. URL Dash.

    Use dashes (-) to name Your Webpage URL instead of underscores (_). This is because the Google Search Engine search better thinking dash (-) like spaces. Do not use underscore (_).

  54. Website Hosting.

    Firstly. You need to host your Website. Google search: 'website hosting (country e.g. singapore)'. The me Cstan98 uses red Singapore Vodien Hosting.

  55. Website Structure.

    (01) Do http/https redirect. In .htaccess file.

    (02) No 404 Error Page. Woorank suggests me should have. Don't know why?

    (03) Simple File Directory. Which is easy to understand for Google/Users.

  56. Website-Master-Style.CSS. (Know what are these.)

    @charset "UTF-8";

    /* CSS Document */


    h1 {

    color: black;

    font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    font-size: 14px;

    font-weight: bold;

    line-height: normal;

    margin: 0px;

    text-align: justify;


    p {

    color: black;

    font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    font-size: 14px;

    font-weight: normal;

    line-height: normal;

    margin-bottom: 0px;

    margin-top: 0px;

    text-align: justify;


    .style1 {

    color: black;


    .style5,.style9 {

    color: red;


    .style7 {

    color: fuchsia;


    .style8 {

    font-style: italic;


    a {

    color: black;


    ol {

    color: black;

    font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    font-size: 14px;

    font-weight: normal;

    line-height: normal;

    margin-bottom: 0px;

    margin-top: 0px;


  57. Writing.

    (01) Purpose + Details + Actions.

    (02) Clear + Elegant + Simple.

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