Cstan98 Army United States Marines Cultivation


Version3 2019.07.30

Army United States Marines Cultivation.

  1. 100% Better.

    JESUS CHRIST: "if You are not better than enemies. You cannot enter JESUS CHRIST Kingdom of Heaven."

  2. 50%-50%.

    JESUS CHRIST: "50% Dove + 50% Serpent." The me Cstan98: "Everythings 50%-50%. Like 50% Mean + 50% Nice. But during Trainings, 1000%. To ensure 50%-50%. Because We Don't know what to expect in year A.D. 3000 , 4000, ..."

  3. All Are Created Equal, Until Some Become Marines.

    Marines are created so that at least some of Kinds can survive.

  4. All Are Marines.

    Even AI (Artificial Intelligence) Robots, Dogs, Males, Females, ... Once a Marine, always a Marine.

  5. At a state of war.

    Even during rest times.

  6. Controlled Thoughts.

    It is what make a Marine.

  7. Created To Married Multiply.

    We are not created to get killed in action or to kill each other.

  8. Fear Lack Of Disicpline

    Do not even smoke cigarette = it is the start of big drugs abuses problems. When marines start smoking, it is the First Warning Sign. Do not say/think the f**k word (say f), c**k word (say c), v*g**a word (say cb), ... Because Little Angels Commands are watching every Marines Corp Com (Talking & Thinking) Nets. When marines start saying the actual f**k etc words, it is the First Warning Sign.

  9. Fear Sins.

    Do not do even little sins like masturbation & pornography to become a true JESUS CHRIST United States Marines. M&P is the start of big polygamy problems.

  10. Fight To Survive.

    Our Objectives are to ensure Our Best Right Kinds survive.

  11. Holy Bible.

    Well-versed & follow JESUS CHRIST Commandments all the time.

  12. Jedi 5 Commandments.

    (01) Do Not Kill. To increase Your Lifespans to maximum (not get killed).

    (02) Do Not Steal. To increase Your Energies to maximum (not get drained stolen).

    (03) Do Not Adultery. To increase Your Lucks to maximum (not get bad lucked).

    (04) Do Not Lie. To increase Your Most Accurate Reports to maximum (not get lied).

    (05) Do Not Problem. To increase Your Zero Problem Operations to maximum (not get problemed).

  13. Marines Don't Fight Fair.

    Call in a Tank to take a AK47. Call a air strike to take out a killing hole. Because We Brothers & Sisters try to ensure as many Marines live to have Marines Babies. So Our Kind does not die off.

  14. Stand Up Marine. That's An Order.

    A Marine keeps standing up after each fall.

  15. Sworn to protect United States from all threats: foreign or domestic.

    United States is JESUS CHRIST New Jerusalem.

  16. Train to survive all out complete tactical nuke environment.

  17. Train to survive completely behind hostile enemy lines environment.

  18. Train to survive medical drug injection interrogation by enemies.

  19. Train to survive when capture by enemies.

  20. Very difficult to relieve of Command by enemies.

  21. Very well trained in all aspects of Army Operations.

  22. Wake Up Marine. That's An Order.

    Try not to sleep so much.

  23. Salute All Officers. But only obey Correct Orders.

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