Cstan98 Army British SAS Cultivation


Version3 2019.07.30

Army British SAS Cultivation.

  1. 2 Shots Burst.

    British SAS use 2 shots burst near spot to penetrate enemies armours.

  2. 64km March With 30 Kg Combat Load.

    Final Exam Test to be a Real British SAS.

  3. Fear Sins.

    Do not even little sins like masturbation & pornography to become a true British SAS.

  4. Holy Bible.

    Well-versed & follow JESUS CHRIST Commandments all the time.

  5. Hostage Stay As Still As Possible.

    If You are supposed to be rescued. During the British SAS Assault. Stay as still as possible for the terrorists to be taken out.

  6. Killing House.

    One time per week. To keep shooting skills sharp.

  7. Let Enemies Wear Out.

    Wait for enemies to crack before going in.

  8. Live Ammo.

    In all Training Sessions. Reports that Soldiers die during practices.

  9. Live Recon.

    Always Live Recon on enemies.

  10. Mind Don't Crack.

    When capture. The enemies can crack Our bodies bones. But cannot crack Our Minds.

  11. SAS.

    Special Air Service. Speed Aggression Stealth.

  12. Train in all aspects of Army Operations.

  13. Train to survive completely hostile behind enemy lines environment.

  14. Train to survive in all out tactical nuke environment.

  15. Train to survive when capture by enemy.

  16. Weapon Long-Range. Sniper Rifle.

  17. Weapon Mid-Range. Sub-Machine Gun.

  18. Weapon Short-Range. Pistol.

  19. Weapon Stun Grenade.

    Bright Light + Loud Sound Bang. To disorientate enemies for 5 seconds.

  20. Who Dares Wins. British SAS Motto.

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