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**Cstan98 App - Productivity Section.

Making use of iPhone App tools to increase productivity.

  1. ***iPhone (Float Tech, LLC) Interval Timer - HIIT Timer App.

    (*) DIY HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) Timer.

  2. ***iPhone Apple Clock App.

    (01) Alarms.

    (02) Countdown.

    (03) Stopwatch.

  3. ***iPhone Apple Notes App.

    (01) Journal. One Journal = basic 3 items (Let Go + Gratitude + Focus On) + 3 items steps further plan.

    (02) Goals. Sort Out/Organize your Life Goals.

    (03) Time Tracker. Put sleep hours like adding '12AM-6AM = 6Hrs' under Sleep Heading. Other trackings.

    (04) To-Do List. Recycle the Daily To-Do List by unclicking ticks. Cut & paste to rearrange.

    (05) Appointments. Just put a '25/12 (or Dec or Mon) TaskABCD' at start of To-Do List.

  4. ***iPhone/MacBook Work Suite App.

    (01) iPhone/MacBook (Apple) Numbers App. Spreadsheets.

    (02) iPhone/MacBook (Apple) Pages App. Word processings.

    (03) iPhone/MacBook (Apple) Keynote App. Presenetations.

  5. ***MacBook Website HTML App.

    (01) iPhone (Adobe) Dreamweaver App. HTML & CSS XML Editor.

    (02) iPhone (screamingfrog.co.uk) Screaming Frog App. Sitemap/Website Check generator.

    (03) iPhone (https://www.kajabi.com) Kajabi Website. Digital products creator.

  6. ***Singapore Digital Identity App.

    (01) iPhone (Info-communications Media Development Authority) Wireless@SGx. To secure SG (Singapore Government) mobile networks.

    (02) iPhone (Government Technology Agency) SingPass. Singapore Digital Identity.

    (03) iPhone (Government Technology Agency) TraceTogether. Bluetooth tracing COVID-19 contact. Only when necessary for some locations = use iPhone battery like f.

    (04) iPhone (Singtel Idea Factory Pte Ltd) My Singtel app. To secure Singtel SIM-card number.

    (05) iPhone (M1 Limited) My M1. To secure M1 SIM-card number

  7. ***Investment App.

    (02) iPhone (DBS Bank Ltd.) DBS digibank SG. Banking app.

    (02) iPhone (Zipmex) Zipmex. Crypto digital assets tradings.

    (03) iPhone (moomoo inc) Moomoo - Trtade Stock & Option. Shares assets tradings.

    (04) iPhone (OANDA Corporation) OANDA fxTrade Forex Trading. Test Tradings.

    (05) iPhone (IG Group) IG Trading Platform. Test Tradings.

    (06) iPhone (Interactive Brokers LLC) IBKR Mobile - Inverst Worldwide. Test tradings.

    (07) iPhone (Stripe, Inc) Stripe Dashboard. Kajabi payment platform.

    (08) iPhone (Asia Wealth Platform Pte Ltd) StashAway: Invest and save App. Automated re-optimization App

    (09) iPhone (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation) OCBC SG Mobile Banking. Banking app.

    (10) iPhone (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation) OCBC Business Mobile Banking. Banking app.

    (11) iPhone (Apple) Stocks. Read stock markets index/shares prices.

  8. ***Music/Timer Productivity Boaster.

    (01) iPhone (Google Inc.) YouTube Music. iPhone music here. Need high mobile data plan.

    (02) iPhone (Apple) Safari App. YouTube Playlists. Background music here. Need high mobile data plan.

    (03) iPhone (Float Tech, LLC) HIIT Timer: HITT Timer App. HIIT (High Intensive Interval Trainings) timer.

    (04) iPhone (PIXO Incorporation) Focus Keeper - Time Management App. Pomodoro timer.

  9. ***Productivity Boaster.

    (01) iPhone (BrandReach Online Pte Ltd) Nanyang Tuition. Singapore tuition jobs platform.

    (02) iPhone (Apple) Maps. Know GPS locations.

    (03) iPhone (Zoom) ZOOM Cloud Meetings. Remote meetings.

    (04) iPhone (ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited) ConmfortDelGro Booking App. Book Comfort/Citycab taxi.

  10. ***Knowledge App.

    (01) iPhone (Wikipedia Foundation) Wikipedia App. English knowledge database here.

    (02) iPhone (Jihua Tang) 古诗文网 App. Chinese scriptures database here.

    (03) iPhone (Apple) Apple Books App. Store PDF & EPub Books.

  11. ***News App.

    (01) iPhone (Wikipedia Foundation) Wikipedia App. Get knowledge insights here.

    (02) iPhone (Flipboard Inc) Flipbaord App. Get international news here.

    (03) iPhone (Google Inc.) YouTube App. Get video news here.

  12. ***Social Media App.

    (01) iPhone (Facebook, Inc.) Facebook App. Personal social media here.

    (02) iPhone (LinkedIn Corporation) LinkedIn App. Business social media here.

    (03) iPhone (WhatsApp Inc.) WhatsApp Messenger App. Use with Family Members confirmed SIM-card numbers.

  13. ***Past iPhone App Used. Migrations all to iPhone Apple Notes App.

    (01) iPhone (Bloom Built) DayOne App. Learn journalling template & recycled Daily To-Do List here.

    (02) iPhone (WonderApps) ATracker App. Learn tasks categories time clocking here.

    (03) iPhone (Success Wizard, Inc.) Goal Tracker App. Learn Goals breakdown to tasks here.

    (04) iPhone (Apalon Apps) Productive App. Learn habits tracking here.

    (05) iPhone (App Studio Australia Pty Ltd) Brainbuddy App. Learn quit porn addiction here.

    (06) iPhone (Headspace Inc.) Headspace App. Learn mediation here.

    (07) iPhone (Denys Yevenko) Cloud Outliner App. Learn outlining here.

    (08) iPhone (StaySorted Limited) Sorted App. Learn micro-scheduling here.

    (09) iPhone (Omni) OmniFocus 3 App. Learn GTD (Getting Things Done) taskings methodlogy here.

    (10) iPhone (monday.com Ltd) monday.com App. Learn team task management here.

    (11) iPhone (Denys levenko) Focus Matrix App. Learn Eisenhower important/urgent matrix here.

    (12) iPhone (i2e Consulting LLC) Project Planning Pro App. Learn gantt chart & projects taskings here.

    (13) iPhone (Xpt) SimpleMind+ Mind Mapping App. Learn mindmapping here.

    (14) iPhone (MoneyBudgie) Savings Goals Pro App. Learn money management here.

    (15) iPhone (MoneyBudgie) Spending Log Pro App. Learn money management here.

    (16) iPhone (MoneyBudgie) Home Budget Plan Pro App. Learn money management here.

    (17) iPhone (MoneyBudgie) Budgets Pro - Expense Tracker App. Learn money management here.

    (18) iPhone (MoneyBudgie) Bill Assistant Pro App. Learn money management here.

    (19) iPhone Wunderlist App. Learn To-Do List/Reminders here.

    (20) iPhone (Evernote) Evernote App. Learn Notes Folder here.

  14. ***MacBook App.

    (01) MacBook (https://www.python.org) Python Interpertor. Python programming language installer.

    (02) MacBook (https://www.jetbrains.com) PyCharm CE. Python progamming language editor.

  15. ***Past Windows Laptop App Used. Migrations all to iPhone App.

    (01) Windows (Microsoft) Excel App. Learn spreadsheet here.

    (02) Windows (Microsoft) Words App. Learn word processing here.

    (03) Windows (Microsoft) PowerPoint App. Learn presentation documents here.

    (04) Windows (Microsoft) Visio App. Learn task flow charts here.

    (05) Windows (Microsoft) Project App. Learn project management here.

    (06) Windows (Microsoft) Money App. Learn money planning here.

    (07) Windows MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) App. Learn accounting software here.

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