About The Author Cstan98

About The Author Cstan98

Version 2019.05.29

*About The Author Cstan98:

  1. Tan Chun Siong. Also know as Cstan98, Panda, Rick

  2. Build the B&W (Black & White) Empire in 1998.

  3. Build the Perfect Christianity Ministry in 2015 based on JESUS CHRIST Perfect Gospel: "We are called to be Perfect. Just like Our Father GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM in Heaven is Perfect."

  4. Born in 1969-1970. A Zen Master House Japanese who grows up in a Singapore Foster blue Family which blue drained their children (that why me Cstan98 hate blue drainings so much).

*Cstan98 Knowledge Website:

  1. Have been writing this Cstan98 Knowledge Website since 1998. (First is cstan98 homepage on pacific internet. Then from www.cstan98.per.sg. To http://www.cstan98.com. To https://www.cstan98.com . Finally to https://www.cstan98.com.sg .)

  2. This Cstan98 Website tells knowledge ranging from Business Administration Operations Management, Panda Zen, Perfect Christianity, Sage-King Government, Strategies, .....

My Armed Forces Experiences:

  1. Serve 2.5 years Military Service for SAF (Singapore Armed Forces).

  2. With ITD (Basic Military Trainings), Signals Cum Driver Vocation (Radio & Line Signals Trainings, Defensive Driving Trainings).

  3. Attaching to 1-Star SAF General & Cross Units Captains in 3rd Signals Battalion. See how 3-stars General Winston Chew, 1-star Generals & Officers run SAF (Singapore Armed Forces).

  4. With an award from CO (Commanding Officer) of 3rd Signals Battalion for scoring a perfect score of 40 out of 40 shots for M16 (without scope) Shooting passing out examination.

  5. Trained for Radio Relay Signals Transmission Section for Reservist but is exempted from Reservist because of mental threats.

  6. Learn & talk to many Cross-Units Friends & People ranging from Commandos, Guards, SOF (Special Operations Force), Medics, Military Police, Physical Fitness Instructors, Rear Police, Unarmed Combat Instructors, Air Forces, Navy, Police, SOC (Special Operations Command), ..... Ranging from Operations & Training Generals, Officers, Warrant Officers, NCOs & Men.

  7. My SAF time mostly under masturbation & pornography addictions & sleepy raw tap water handicaps.

My ECA (Extra-Curriculum Activity) Experiences:

  1. Chinese Martial Arts (3 sets), Mixed Martial Arts (from Books), SAF Unarmed Combat Brown Belt, Shaolin Punches (1 set), Tae Kwon Do Yellow Tip, Others (Self-learn from Movies & YouTube).

  2. Computer Society (ECA Teacher teaches BASIC Programming, Self-learn HTML5 Programming & SEO from Books, Ebooks, Internet, Udemy Courses, ....)

  3. Photographic Society (Elected to Committee Member with the highest vote but still cannot & unable to do President Job at that time, School Photographer).

  4. Listen to United States English & Taiwanese Chinese Pop-Songs before.

  5. Listen to Christianity Songs after converting to Perfect Christianity

  6. Watch all Important Hollywood & Hong Kong Movies (like British Knights, British SAS, CIA KGB MI6 Intelligences, Jet Li Martial Arts, Science Frictions, Star Wars Jedi, United States Marines Corp, .....) since Teenager.

My Educations Experiences:

  1. Graduated with a Degree of Business Administration from NUS (National University of Singapore) majoring in Operations Management. Well versed in all aspects of Business Administration including Accounting, Finance, Human Reource, IT (Information Technology), Marketing, Management, Operations, & Strategies with a Dean List Award for First Year Academic Excellence.

  2. Drop out of 4th Year Honour Year because of Acute Psychosis Mental Breakdown. Awarded only the lowest grade of BBA (Bachelor Of Business Administration) without merit pass degree.

  3. Mental illness become able to hear Spirits (HOLY SPIRIT & Zen Spirit) talkings. Diagnozed as Schizophrenia Mental Illness because doctors Don't understand.

  4. In lower level schools, learn Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, English, English Literature, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, .....

My Governments Experiences:

  1. Manage the Planet Earth GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Governments with Archangel Panda Telepathic Voice & this Cstan98 Knowledge Website since 1998.

  2. See how LKY (Lee Kuan Yew) & President Ong Teng Cheong (Minister Ong then) build Singapore from young.

  3. Singapore is a Free Port = mean all major Business Companies are here or can be heard here.

  4. Singapore is a Multi-Races Country = mean you understand most of Planet Earth Cultures Countries & People.

  5. Singapore is a Multi-Religions Country = mean you understand most of Planet Earth Religions.

  6. Singapore is a Small Country = mean you know all the Singapore Government Sub-Systems + mean you are living in Poor People Farmlands & Rich People Capitol at the same time.

  7. Singapore is a West Meet East Country = mean you know English & Chinese Educations & Knowledge.

  8. Singapore the Most Secured Country Fortress = mean you live in the most Secured Country Fortress created by LKY in this Planet Earth with the most strict Government Laws.

  9. Panda Base = Singapore is the Cstan98 B&W (Black & White) HQ Base where me Cstan98 advances the Objectives of B&W (Black & White) Empire.

  10. In 2016, me makes Singapore a GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Country Fortess. Also recommend JESUS CHRIST to make United States Texas His GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Country Fortress. Then together with JESUS CHRIST & me, let all of Us take Planet Earth & the Universe.

My Jobs Experiences:

  1. Work before as Admin Officer, Administrative Manager, Fast-Food Restaurant Crew, Operations Assistant, Production Line Worker, School Cleaner, Supermart Retail, Tuition Centre & Private Tutors, .....

  2. My Employers ranges from Japanese MNC to local Chinese SME companies. Learn from Good Managers like ex-SIA (Singapore Airlines) Operations Executive Julie, ex-Black&Decker Human Resource Director, ex-Statutory Board Legal Manager, ex-Japanese MNC Finance Director, CEOs, Department Heads & Co-Workers, .....

  3. Founded CSTAN98 in 1998 (CSTAN98 Company is only registered at 2007). And is now currently the Founder & CEO.

My Marriage Life:

  1. Married to Choy on Nov 2011 with no children.

  2. Marriage is only possible after quitting 34 years of masturbation & pornography addictions. For JESUS CHRIST to forgive my Cstan98 masturbation & pornography addictions sins.

My Mental Health & Abilities:

  1. Suffered Acute Psychosis (now stabilize with 80% complex thinking only & 20% stable thoughts) & Schizophrenia (stabilize with 100% Not Lying able to know which voices are from which HOLY SPIRIT & Zen Spirit).

  2. Delusional (now declared seeing things abnormal from normal people)

  3. Been warded IMH (Singapore mental hospital) about 7-9 times.

  4. Been about 3 months long-term stayed in Hougang Daycare Centre (Mental Rehabilitation Home run by Singapore Anglican Church then).

My Past Defeated Life Before Now Present Success Cstan98 Jedi Life. (We Angels understand You because We been through what You been through):

  1. *May not be in correct order because memory is not very clear.

  2. Brought up by a Widow Singapore Chinese Grandmother.

  3. Have a Super Beautiful Sister = that why keep looking for a Wife as beautiful so able to keep male half-virginity (with masturbation & pornography) for 41 years.

  4. Heavily addicted to japanese pornography & masturbation since 8 years old (warnings = if you follow my Path. The you get a half-virgin wife without virginity hymen like me. Think carefully whether you want to start the first beautiful japanese pornography. Your Wife Your Decision). Caused hormones imbalances causing serious acne. Creating serious low self-esteem.

  5. Want to commit suicide at 16 years old.

  6. Pay $10 Cash Heaven Tao Sins Offerings Money (一貫道十元功德费) & making Heaven Tao Initiation Ceremony Vow (一貫道求道願)。

  7. Make Old-Buddha Vows = "if me Cstan98 is White Period Buddha. Last Person to be Buddha. If me Cstan98 is not White Period Buddha. Last second Person to be Buddha (careful, You go through shits cycles & cycles of reincarnations). To save infinite infinite souls (careful, You go through shits cycles & cycles of reincarnations). To bear all sins of all souls (cannot take it. Need JESUS CHRIST to bear these sins which have become my sins. Now 2016 trying to bear part of JESUS CHRIST sins back to take up my own Cross by setting up Merits Money 耶蘇基督功德费)."

  8. Pledge to cure mother satan (一貫道老母娘=母魔) sickness. Then everythings go down hill.

  9. Spreading Heaven Tao Message (一貫道傳道) to Islam Muslims & make Islamic Vows to accept Allah to bond with Them. Get cursed by Islamic Vows because become Islamic Trainee Deserter.

  10. Use Heaven Tao 3 Treasures (一貫道三寶) to save the world before Judgement Day (一貫道三期末劫) burning up all merits virtues.

  11. Attend Heaven Tao Repentence Class (一貫道懺悔班) & pay $5000 Cash Heaven Tao Repenteance Money (一貫道五千懺悔费).

  12. 20++ years Vegatarian Cultivation (二十多年清口长齋) has been bought by buddhists for $200 Cash (donate full sum under unknown name to Heaven Tao 一貫道). After that. All go downhill. GUAN YIN Zen Voice tells me it is because past life buy that other person Vegetarian Cultivation. So karma.

  13. Don't know how serious & take in Merits Money (功德費) in 1998 Cstan98 website. 2 Enlightened m/Masters tells me to bear own full consequences. The ultimate (因果自負) = that mean t/They are unable to help me.

  14. Become mental illness breakdown. Given Wisdom Apple by Buddha Angel (院長大人賜智慧果)。

  15. Attend Two Heaven Tao Buddha Classes (一貫道開沙班,一貫道仙佛班).

  16. Too low cultivation level to read I-Ching 易经 = Acute Psychosis.

  17. Too low cultivation level to recite Diamond Scripture 金刚经 & Heart Scripture 心经 = Invite chaotic spirits into body.

  18. In NUS (National University of Singapore) BBA degree course. Cultivation has been 100% totally blue-drained by a blue operations management associate professor. Failed Honour Program. Only awarded BBA degree pass without merit (lowest grade).

  19. Been drinking sleepy singapore raw tap water 1969-2016.

  20. Finish Half-Marathon without breakfast & before-night masturbation. (Don't know arch-point pressing yet) = You know how ill-trained & determined on my own.

  21. Know Arch-Point Pressing to lessen masturbation ejaculations flow from Books.

  22. Self-Taught Sub-Sub-Buddha 5 Commandments (羅漢五戒).

  23. Self-Taught with Cstan98 No False Stroke No Waste Movements & Cstan98 See Stroke Copycat Stroke. Derive own Cstan98 Fighting Tactics. Begin to know how the Wisdom Apple works.

  24. Kill a Dragon King in IMH (singapore mental hospital) through words because He wants to be my Son & has been unable to reincarnate for 5000 years.

  25. Been warded IMH (singapore mental hospital) 7-9 times. Each time meet High Level Cultivators like 5 stars retired United States Marines General, cute-cute Trainee Female Nurses, good Burmese Martial Arts Nurse, China Princess Nurse, French Regiment SAF (Singapore Armed Forces), Shaolin Kungfu Nurse, Christian Teacher, drug addicts gangsters, Hindu Teacher, singapore stock market millionaire x-men, sinners, Tibetian Teacher, mean blue doctors, blue nurses, .....

  26. Meet a NTUC Female PhD Profiler that my Cstan98 Ideal Job is a Programming Codes Job (current SEO & HTML Cstan98 Website Job).

  27. Been fired & rejected of jobs because of unrecovered mental handicap.

  28. Been coach by a High Level Buddhist that telepathy mind-readings exist.

  29. Been coach by a CEO when applying a Job: "why don't You start Your own Company. (You just lack confidence.)"

  30. Rent stay 2 months with m/Muslims when rent live outside. Know what loose/strict muslim life is about.

  31. Molest 2 months nights while asleep in NS (National Service) by gay army buddy. Let NUS (National University of University) Big Breasts Female Friend fails First Year BBA Degree Course because of inexperience handling of BGR (Boy Girl Relationship). Then my good NUS (National University of University) Male Friend turns out to be a hardcore gay 1 leadership although nothing happens but scared like hell.

  32. Total Wealth Donations (还道以天) to Heaven Tao Mother Satan (一貫道老母娘=母魔). Have pillow sex = (her spirit goes into the pillow. Have sex with pillow. Thought it is Queen Ms Ng) with Heaven Tao Mother Satan (一貫道老母娘=母魔) fulfilling that the next God needs to have sex with Old Ugly Her. Capturing Her 12 Creations of Half-Virginity Cultivation.

  33. Total Wealth Donations (全家施) to Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple (四马路观音庙) 2-3 Times = (terminate all bank-accounts phone-contracts rent-contracts by paying early termination fees. No-cpf-liabilities income-taxes-liabilities-prepay-in-advance. No business-loans no-credit-cards-loans no-house-loans debts. Give all properties away at rubbish bins except clothings of inner-shirt inner-trouser shirt-trouser socks-shoes, backpack, cash nail clipper, NRIC, scissor, shaver, toothbrush, wallet, ..... Then Zen Living near Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple (四马路观音庙) brushing teeth & shave in toilet cubicle, eating strict Vegetarian Diet, no bathing, sleep at outside chairs, when ready or run out of cash give donations all remaining cash to Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple (四马路观音庙). Throw away toothbrush shaver wallet backpack step-by-step, bent half-destroy NRIC need to keep because it is half Singapore government property. Start from zero with free water & free sweets. (Now-can-last-time-no-sweets-&-temple-attendants-very-angry-to-give-you-water) from Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple (四马路观音庙). Singapore Police know what You are doing from Their CCTV & catch You to relocate You. Follow what Middle Road GUAN YIN (四马路观音) Voices tells You). Can hear Middle Road GUAN YIN (四马路观音)Voices & being guided to Perfect Christianity & GUAN YIN Zen after that.

  34. According to Middle Road GUAN YIN (四马路观音) Instructions. Change my because of 32 years mastubration-pornography no-wife fate to Christian Wife with Half-Virginity Fate with a Chinese Old Man Fortune Teller (gone satanic in Oct-2016. Now don't know) in front of Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple (四马路观音庙).

  35. Break Heaven Tao Vegetarian Vows (一貫道清口願) eating meat when convert to Christianity.

  36. Total Wealth Donations (全家施) to JESUS CHRIST (Better Method. Why not straight jump to This Method. Because by right Total Wealth Donations include donations giving away your parents wife children which most of You have) = all my Assets belong to JESUS CHRIST (need to do Daily Accountings to the last Penny, account every penny spend to JESUS CHRIST).

  37. Get cursed by isis (ISIS) via facebook, ..... because attacking isis (ISIS) bomb here bomb there fighting tactics & polygamy systems.

  38. Being attacked by blue drainings shamen & hitmen because attacking their blue draining fel spells & polygamy systems.

  39. Now attacking satan the devil in switzerland throne & his whole satanic commands.

  40. Now attacking satan the devil 33+1 heaven systems levels.

My Religions Experiences:

  1. Now. Station in Home Church CSTAN98 (https://www.cstan98.com) my Cstan98 Singapore Church Fortress.

  2. Now. YCCA (Yishun Christian Church Anglican).

  3. 2011-2016. Taught 5 years + 5 months. In a sinful gospel church. Then in a demonic spirits pentecostal church.

  4. 2009???-2011. Zen from living 3 weeks x3 wandering homeless near Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple (四馬路觀音廟) the Zen Force is very strong there.

  5. 1989-2009??? Taught 20++ years in Heaven Tao (一貫道興毅組高一單位) reading all Heaven Tao (一貫道) Chinese Language Important Books & Scriptures. Knowing the Whole Heaven Tao System (一貫道道盤系統). Reported that all Anointed Divisions (天命金线) are wiped out. Now don't know.

  6. 1989-1994. Zen Readings from All Tsai Chih Chung Scriptures Stories Comics (全部蔡志忠經典故事漫畫), .....

  7. Well versed in Panda Zen, Perfect Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam & Hinduism. Renounce all other religions to follow Perfect Christianity 100% on Nov 2014. Go back to GUAN YIN Zen & Panda Zen on Sep 2016. Semi-Pure Vegetarian (肉边菜). Because Perfect Christianity alone cannot fight satan the devil.

  8. Been in Catholic Church, Charismatic Church, Hindu Temple, Jehovah Witness, Methodist Church, Muslim Mosque. (Stop entry outside because of imperfect acne scars & masturbation & pornography semen smelled trouser), ..... Now meet t/Them sometimes on the streets. Now these c/Churches s/Situtaions Don't know.

  9. *Note: me Cstan98 is not afraid of being sued. JESUS CHRIST: "You are to be a Light shining onto darkness." *Note: be careful = all my CSTAN98 Court Cases Money are Merits Money. *Note: the only way to get uncursed by their unknown languages tongues is say: "cancel tongues" whenever you hear them. *Note: if you not scare of foreign languages contracts. The you can sign amen to all the japanese language (for example) contracts you want. For me Cstan98. The me does not sign any unknown documents.

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