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**Cstan98 Registration Data:

  1. Commonsense Copyrights/Patents 1998-2019 by Tan Chun Siong 陳俊雄 (Singapore NRIC: S6904193J)

  2. Singapore ACRA Company Registration Name (& Number): CSTAN98 (53101971C).

  3. Registered Business Operations = Business/Management Consultancy (Church/Company/Country) Services.

**Cstan98 Motto:

  1. "(This Cstan98 Website has been) running the Planet since 1998."

  2. "(The me Cstan98 does all the deeper deeper studyings.) You concentrate on GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Works."

  3. CSTAN98 (Company) Motto: "what the f? (So difficult to setup GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Kingdom. No wonder all Angels get killed.)"

  4. Cstan98 T1000 Mission Parameters: "die die also must setup GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Kingdom."

  5. "GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. Please make me Cstan98. And this Website forever & ever good & pure."

  6. "HOLY SPIRIT please tell me what to write in this Cstan98 Website."

  7. "Let build beautiful Worlds together."

  8. "This Cstan98 Website is effective past/present/future."


Everything inside this Cstan98 Knowledge Website are Sworn under Holy Bible NKJV (New King James Version). That me Cstan98 speaks the Truth at that point in time nothing but the Truth at that point in time.

**Need Help?

Just kneel down & shout as loud to JESUS CHRIST: "JESUS CHRIST. Help Me!!! JESUS CHRIST. Help Me!!! JESUS CHRIST. Help Me!!!" Take days to years to turn You into a blessed sinless Perfect (Zen) Christian. JESUS CHRIST: "Those who call upon My Name JESUS CHRIST are saved."


  1. Business Sectors.

    Panda is not in the Buddha business. Panda is in the entertainment business. Panda is not in the Church/Temple business. Panda is in the entertainment business.

  2. Drunk Panda.

    If You are wondering how Panda write this kind of Website. Something like fighting Shaolin Monks. Shaolin Monks train/fight faster & faster. So if you make a Shaolin Monk drunk. This is what You get from 1998-19/10/2018. If You don't make a Shaolin Monk drunk. He fights even faster. This is what You get from 19/10/2018.

  3. Other Website Materials.

    There may be url links inside this Website cstan98.com.sg that send you to another website (may be cstan98.com). Please note other materials not in cstan98.com.sg is not by me Cstan98. If you find these materials confusing. Please ignore these materials & stick to cstan98.com.sg . Sorry Panda loses control of NRIC. Therefore lose control of phone SIM card. Therefore lose control of iCloud email. Therefore lose control of VODIEN Hosting. ICA (NRIC Registry) says all these fake NRIC holders are all Panda. Not much the real Panda can do.

  4. Why Sleepy - No High Daily Cultivation?

    If you are sleepy. You may be like Panda daily cultivation not high enough. To administer Sins Offerings Money. Increase your daily cultivation codes.

  5. Why Sleepy - Not Perfect Sinless?

    If you are sleepy. You may be like Panda not Perfect Sinless to administer Sins Offerings Money. After reflections. My current Panda big sins are still pornography & say repeat recite Buddhist Scriptures no merits.


  1. This Official Cstan98 Knowledge Website 'cstan98.com.sg' continues from my 'cstan98.com' in Year 2019. Which is from my 'cstan98.per.sg' in Year 2007. Which is from my Pacific Internet Cstan98 Website in Year 1998. If You find useful. Please link to this Website. Please tell Others about this Website.

  2. To go back last webpage. Use back arrow in your Safari internet browser. To go webpages click respective underlined hyperlinks. To start. Always type the Website URL address 'cstan98.com.sg' fully in your Safari internet browser to stop proxy plishings. You may need to refresh webpage to see updated actual webpage.

**Missions Of This Cstan98 Knowledge Website:

  1. To create one-stop Website for knowledge & wisdom. To speed up Everyone learning process.

  2. To make Everyone at least a well-versed business administration degree graduate.

  3. To teach Perfect (Zen) Christianity to Everyone using HOLY SPIRIT.

  4. To coach Everyone to become Trillionaires.

**Objectives Of This Cstan98 Knowledge Website:

  1. To create cost-effective/integrity B&W (Black & White) Companies & Countries economies on this planet earth.

  2. To create Heaven paradise on planet earth.

  3. To create meaningful eternal life of Everyone on planet earth.

  4. To create Sage-King Governments on all Countries on planet earth.

  5. To guide this planet earth pass crisis between 2007-2020.


  1. Everyone happily 1-1 monogamy Marriage match.

  2. Everyone cultivates Vegetarian/Virginity/Virtue.

  3. Every Female a Japanese AV with g-cup breasts.

  4. Every Male has a g-size p organ.

  5. Enough foods.

  6. Take down satan the devil commands.

**Sage-King Government:

  1. Sage-King teaches Everyone to be Sage-King when He is Sage-King. While He upgrades to Super Sage-King & so on.

  2. When Sage-King has a Beautiful & Virtuous Queen. He ensures Everyone also.

  3. When Sage-King has nice foods to eat. He ensures Everyone also.

**Teachings of This Cstan98 Knowledge Website:

  1. If You help Others. Others help You.

  2. If You make Others rich. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM makes You rich.

  3. If You teach Others. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM teaches You.

**Cstan98 Introduction Topics:

(Very boring for new Users.)

About The Author Cstan98

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Cstan98 Jedi Quit Sins Section <Jedi Are Perfect Sinless>

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Cstan98 Knowledge Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Medicine Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Money Cultivation Section <Trillionaires Start Here>

Cstan98 Panda Zen Ministry Section <Zen Masters Start Here> <Done6>

Cstan98 Perfect Christianity Ministry Section <Perfect Christians Start Here>

Cstan98 Religion Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Sage-King Government Section <Objective of this Website> <Done8>

Cstan98 Scripture Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Sex Cultivation Section <Done5>

Cstan98 Strategy Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Success Cultivation Section <Achievers Start Here>

Cstan98 Wisdom Business Skills Section

Cstan98 Wisdom Social Skills Section

Cstan98 Zen Stories Section <Little Children Start Here>

**Cstan98 First Topics:

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**Cstan98 Official Topics:

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